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Grandma entertained us during the long winters in Minnesota and Michigan by teaching us to bake bread. Generations gathered together in the kitchen to talk, eat, and share life - while amazing bread was being created.

I can imagine the mess my sisters, cousins and I made as we tried to bake like Grandma!

Over the Holidays, Grandma's Caramel Cinnamon Rolls were often gifts for family and friends, by the year 2000, we found we could not keep up with the demand. The idea for Grandmas Rockin’ Rolls was born. 

We at Grandma’s Rockin’ Rolls have passed this tradition down to our kids and grandkids - making this a family business that spans five generations.

We have developed unique packaging system for our freshly baked products that allows the rolls to be in frozen up to 3 months - and stay tasty fresh from freezer to microwave!

Our hope is that you love our product as much as we do, tell your friends and family, and come back for more!

Thank you for choosing Grandma’s Rockin’ Rolls!

Laura and Randy Neilson